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By: Richard Menard, Director of Study Abroad

The thought of traveling to another country can be intimidating for some people. This can be especially true for first-time travelers. That is why Gonzaga University offers so many different types of study abroad opportunities. While Gonzaga-in-Florence and Gonzaga-in-Paris are great experiences, these programs are not necessarily the best emotional or academic fit for every student.

Gonzaga offers a variety of Faculty-Led Study Abroad (FLSA) programs that typically are offered during the summer. FLSA programs allow students to take classes with faculty members with whom they are already comfortable, while being introduced to a country they may not have initially considered as a study abroad destination or were too nervous to try. FLSA programs can range from two to ten weeks in duration during the summer or winter sessions. In addition, these programs offer a very structured environment, where housing, ground transportation, meals, tours, lectures, and sometimes airfare are all arranged by Gonzaga University. Academically, students participating in an FLSA program may earn Gonzaga credit for one or two courses per program.

There are a number of FLSA opportunities for Gonzaga students to consider. Students can travel to Graz, Austria to take German for six weeks; they can study Literature in London; they can observe chimpanzees in Zambia as part of a comparative psychology program. Gonzaga University believes strongly that the study abroad experience is important to a student’s academic experience. For some, a Faculty-Led Program is the most accessible way to study abroad.

Gonzaga’s faculty takes great pride in leading students abroad and introducing them to academic experiences that highlight the country and city where a given FLSA program takes place. An FLSA Program provides a high-impact introduction for students to the world in which they live, while allowing them to fulfill academic requirements that will, in turn, make it possible to graduate on time.

This is the eighth part in an eleven-part series on Study Abroad. We will talk about how to choose your program, budgeting, safety abroad, internships, service learning, Gonzaga-in-Florence, Gonzaga-in-Paris, Faculty-Led Programs, Sponsored Programs, and Returning from Study Abroad.

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