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By: Robin Guevara

Gonzaga’s Student Employment office is a place where your student will always find an open door and helpful, resourceful staff who will go to great lengths to find the best answer to your student’s questions. We are part of the Student Financial Services Division and work closely with Financial Aid, giving us additional resources in helping students navigate their financial award, as well as their job search.

We are very aware of how expensive a Gonzaga education can be and are committed to providing the best employment information possible to help students make use of their work study, find an on-campus institutional job, or access a job through The Community Job Board.  We are advocates of students contributing financially to their tuition costs and want students to realize the lasting effects of good work ethics and a job well done.

Carrie Matheson, Program Assistant, Student Loans and Student Employment

Carrie Matheston

Carrie Matheson

Have you ever wondered what you’ll see when you come in to Gonzaga’s Student Employment Office, or who you’re talking to when you call with a question? Most likely it’s me! I provide front line assistance to students and parents who have questions about Gonzaga’s on and off campus work programs, whether it’s in person, over the telephone, or via email.  Is your student already looking for a job for next school year?  When she finds that job, she’ll be coming to our office to complete her on-campus hiring paperwork, hopefully having remembered to bring her original documentation!  When your student gets here, I’ll be waiting to walk him through this process and get everything set up so he can begin his new job!

Katrina Rambo, SWS Program Specialist

Katrina Rambo

Katrina Rambo

With so many career choices available, it can be overwhelming for students to select an area of interest that will lead them to their dream job without trying it out first.  I invite students to personally visit with me to secure a “soft landing” in the real job world to gain experience and determine whether they have chosen the best fit, or need to explore other possibilities to prepare for their future. I look forward to working with your student!

Robin Guevara, Manager & FWS Administrator

Robin Guevara

Robin Guevara

As manager of Student Employment, I feel it is very important that anyone you talk to in our office can either answer your question, or get you to the person who can.  Incoming freshmen and their parents, especially, are navigating a lot of unknown territory; the more information you have before school begins, the better.  Emails are going out to incoming freshmen from different departments on campus, including Student Employment, so please urge your student to check her/his Zagmail routinely, as well as the Morning Mail. Likewise, parents should be reading the Gonzaga Parent Advisory (GPA) Newsletter, which contains relevant information from various offices around campus, including Student Employment.  Once on campus, please encourage your student to bring their employment questions directly to us.

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