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By: Pat Faulkinberry, Campus Card Services

Bulldog Bucks roll over from year to year. For those students who will be returning next year, their Bulldog Bucks will be waiting for them. For students who are graduating, please be sure they spend all their Bulldog Bucks!

Dining Dollars DO NOT roll over! Spend all fall and spring Dining Dollars prior to Friday, May 8. Any remaining balance as of May 8 will be forfeited!! To view balances and transaction history, your student can log in to Zagweb and click on the ZAGCARD link found under the Student Services & Financial Aid tab.

The option to use Dining Dollars and Bulldog Bucks for beverage vending was added this semester. For your student’s protection, if there is an attempt to purchase more than $16.00 worth of product from a vending machine within a 24-hour period, the sale will not be successful. This restriction is in place to protect available funds if the ZAGCARD is lost.

We have some exciting changes taking place for next year….but too early to reveal!

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