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By: Danamarie McNichol-Carter, Career Center

As you walk in the main floor of College Hall it’s hard to miss the photo wall full of smiling Trustees and Regents that support our Gonzaga Community. On April 8 your students had the opportunity see those smiles come to life in a Networking and Career Development event with some of Gonzaga’s most successful alumni, Regents, and Trustees. We are in the midst of helping students find their perfect internship opportunity for this upcoming summer and we want to ensure they rock it!  During this How to Rock Your Internship or Job exclusive, students gained valuable insights from professional leaders on how to succeed in the “world of work.”

The program opened with Mike Reilly, a member of the Board of Regents, speaking on the topic of image awareness. He gave great insight on the importance of taking notes, proof reading your work, and the need for determination when one fails. Students were then introduced to Eileen Johnston from Microsoft who stressed learning as much as you can about the company, competition, and industry before walking into the office. She spoke to creating a reliable relationship with a boss, making yourself indispensable and asking for feedback if you missed the mark. The program then transitioned to Greg Bui from Nike, who emphasized going above and beyond: being average does not cut it.

An overarching theme of the night was the importance of building and maintaining a strong network. Jim Powers, from PowerEnergy, explained the significance of getting involved in the Gonzaga Alumni Association and trade associations related to their business or interest. He also directed students to groups like Toastmaster International, which open doors to meeting professionals such as marketing managers, CFOs, and well-connected retirees while developing presentation skills.

Finally, the Gonzaga alumni network is among the top in the country, so please encourage your students to use it. Zags are always looking to help out fellow Zags, whether that means giving career advice or helping land an interview. We are thankful to have a strong community of Trustees, Regents, and alumni who are dedicated to the professional growth and success of all students. They see immense potential in each and every ZAG and look forward to seeing them excel. Gonzaga’s unique sense of community was on full display at this amazing career development event!

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