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Although summer is filled with celebrations, BBQs, fun and sun, it is also a very important time to begin planning for your transition to being on GU’s campus. Students should be monitoring their ZagMail email (and forward to you) because departments all around campus are sending information so families are as prepared as possible for when they get here in the fall. Because we know you’ll be receiving a lot of information, here are some tips regarding student employment during the academic year:

  • As we are sure you are aware, please have your student check their ZagMail. This is our main communication line with students during the summer.
  • In order for a student to be eligible to work on campus, they MUST present original documentation showing their eligibility to work within the US. This usually is a current US Passport, Photo ID (i.e., driver’s license, student ID, etc.), SSN card, birth certificate, Permanent residency card, etc.
    • Although we understand this may be considered “sensitive” information for your student to have while on campus, it is a federal regulation that we are presented this information before a student can be hired.
  • Job boards are usually open roughly a month prior to the first day of class and this information is communicated to students over the summer. We encourage you to talk with your student about the prospect of working while on campus. Here are some things to ponder in regards to student employment:
    • Many different types of jobs are available. On- and off-campus work study programs are available to those who qualify; institutional positions are available throughout campus; and, many employers within close distance to campus are eager to hire our students.
    • It is possible to balance school, work, and life! Many students work roughly 10-12 hours per week and almost all employers are willing to be flexible with work schedules for students so they can successfully work around their class schedule.
    • Having a job on campus for between 10-12 hours a week provides not only a way to help pay for college, but gives the student a bigger stake in their new community. Student jobs can be just about anywhere, doing just about anything.
    • Because all jobs are competitive, the trick is to understand the process, know what kind of job you are eligible for, start your job search early and be persistent. We believe that working and contributing is essential, and studies show it actually makes students better students!
    • We are here to help! The Office of Financial Aid is happy to answer any questions you or your student may have regarding student employment. We are located in College Hall Rm. 129, and can be reached at finaid@gonzaga.edu with any questions you may have.

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