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ZAGCARD – The “Key” to Campus Living

Gonzaga’s ZAGCARD is back with a national award-winning design! It is equipped with magnets, an antenna and a chip, and is used by every member of the Gonzaga University community. ZAGCARD is the key to access amenities all over campus, and beyond.

As a parent, you want to know that when you drop off your student, his or her basic needs are met – a place to live and food to eat. The ZAGCARD provides access to both, and much more!

Place to Live:

Residence Halls, as well as other secured areas on campus, are equipped with electronic locks. The ZAGCARD is the key to entering the building or room. The chip embedded in the card is assigned to the cardholder, and each lock is programmed to allow only those with privileges assigned to that particular door, to enter.

Food to Eat:

When utilizing a meal plan, Zag Dining requires all students to present their ZAGCARD to access dining halls or spend their Bulldog Bucks. Each ZAGCARD has a magnetic strip on the back, and is tied to the student’s meal plan.

Beyond the basics, the ZAGCARD is the tool needed to access a number of campus amenities.

Academic Success:

A swipe of the ZAGCARD is required to check out materials in the library.

Athletic Events:

ZAGCARD is the ticket for the many athletic events that happen on campus.

Stay Fit:

The Rudolf Fitness Center is workout central, and entry is a simple tap of the ZAGCARD.

So What’s New With the ZAGCARD?

Photo Upload:

Students can now upload their photo in Zagweb, and it will appear on their ZAGCARD. By providing a photo in advance, the ZAGCARD is printed and ready for pick-up at orientation. Visit ZAGCARD photo requirements and upload instructions. Click on the “Submit My Photo” link.

Balance and Transaction History:

While logged into Zagweb, there is an option to check current meal plan and Bulldog Bucks balances and view 60 days-worth of transaction history.

Freeze It:

When a ZAGCARD is misplaced or lost, login to Zagweb to freeze immediately. This action will stop the card from working all over campus. If the card is found before it is replaced, it can be unfrozen.

Get Around Town:

This fall, the ZAGCARD will act as a “bus pass” to access the Spokane Transit Authority (STA) system. All GU students ride free, and are able to explore Spokane, by simply presenting their ZAGCARD.

Package Pick-Up:

Over the summer Mail Services is moving to the BARC. Presenting the ZAGCARD will be one way to pick up a package.

Bulldog Bucks – The Way ZAGS Pay

Nearly two years ago, the University took over managing Bulldog Bucks, a stored value account available to all students. All transactions take place on a closed loop network and funds are verified at the time of purchase. Many students have limited experience managing a budget, so Bulldog Bucks provides a learning opportunity that is risk free and fee free. Funds roll over from year to year and remain available while a student is enrolled at the University. A percentage of nearly every sale is returned to the University.

On Campus:

Bulldog Bucks can be spent at all Zag Dining locations across campus, including concessions at ballgames and beverage vending machines.  Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters, located in the lower level of the Jepson Center, also participates in the program.  A number of campus departments accept Bulldog Bucks: Mail Services, Health and Counseling Services, Registrar, Foley Library and Campus Security, to name a few.

Off Campus:

The University has an agreement with a number of businesses near campus to accept Bulldog Bucks. Current participants include Aloha Island Grill, Blaze Pizza, Bruchi’s, Domino’s, Froyo Earth, Jimmy John’s, Pita Pit, Pizza Pipeline, Qdoba (coming soon), Sonic, Taco Time and Wendy’s. The program is continually growing. To view a current list, visit ZAGCARD Off-Campus.

Make a Deposit:

Anyone can make a deposit to Bulldog Bucks! Visit Bulldog Bucks to fill out the online deposit form. All you need to enter to make a deposit is the recipient’s name and GU ID number. Bulldog Bucks make a great gift and can provide your student a study break.

So What’s New With Bulldog Bucks?

Meal Plans:

Fall 2016: Bulldog Bucks are now a part of mandatory meal plans. Each plan will include a specific amount of Bulldog Bucks to spend outside the dining hall.

  • Meal Plans:
  • Platinum: provides unrestricted entrance into the dining halls and 500Bulldog Bucks
  • Gold 16: provides 16 meals in the dining halls per week and 550Bulldog Bucks
  • Silver 12: provides 12 meals in the dining halls per week and 700Bulldog Bucks
  • Blue 225: provides 225 meals in the dining halls during the semester and 600Bulldog Bucks
  • White 175: provides 175 meals in the dining halls during the semester and 800Bulldog Bucks

wepa Print Kiosks:

Print kiosks will be located across campus and provide students an option to release print jobs. Bulldog Bucks will be the only way to pay for printing at the kiosks.

This little plastic card is pulled out of wallets and backpacks several times a day. It is absolutely the key to campus living. Keeping it secure and not sharing it with others is critical for the safety of the cardholder, as well as the entire Gonzaga Community. Don’t leave home without it!

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