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By: Campus Security and Public Safety

Since summer, the sightings of creepy or scary clowns have spread across the country. In many states, people have reported seeing clowns standing on the side of roads at night, in parking lots, outside schools, near wooded areas and on community trails.  There is really no specific explanation why a phenomenon like the clown story takes off.  CNN offered several suggestions in a recent story called “What’s with all the clowns everywhere?”, which you can read here.

Gonzaga University is not immune to this phenomenon. According to the Spokane Police Department, there have been a few calls for service regarding creepy clowns; however, no confirmed sightings of creepy clowns in the Logan neighborhood or surrounding area were found. Recently, that all changed – we captured a creepy clown on campus.  It was a student, out in black clothing and a clown mask, looking to “stare and scare” his peer group.

Creepy or scary clowns are people dressing up to startle others. They are not real. They are people in costume.  Creepy or scary clowns are not a real threat to students or this university. This is a fad that is capitalizing on fear and being fueled by rumor. As evidenced by recent events, it is also an opportunity for a fellow Zag to startle others for a laugh at someone else’s expense. Campus Security & Public Safety will alert the campus community in the event any real threat is confirmed.

Gonzaga Security & Public Safety rely on Gonzaga students, staff and faculty to inform us of potential dangers on and near campus. Please call CSPS at 509-313-2222 at any time to report any suspicious activity so we can respond appropriately to keep our community safe.  This includes calling us about people in clown costumes lurking in the shadows.

Safety tips for students, staff and faculty:

  • Always walk in groups when on or near campus at night.
  • Call CSPS for an escort if you are alone or feel unsafe
  • Keep your cell phone charged and available while walking in the neighborhood
  • Utilize Blue Light phones if you don’t have a cell phone
  • Avoid dark alleys and trails
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Lock your vehicle/residence door once you are inside
  • Students should call 509.313.2222 if they see these types of clowns on campus and should not try and go after them on their own

ALWAYS report anything suspicious to Campus Security.

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