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Study Abroad at Gonzaga University has been a tradition  since a pair of Jesuits created the Gonzaga in Florence Program 55 years ago.  While almost 50% of the student population is studying abroad by the time they graduate, 50% of student aren’t studying abroad for a variety of reasons.  Study abroad offers students the chance to learn about cultural competency, intercultural communication, and how to be a global citizen.

For those who cannot study abroad, Gonzaga has created the Global Studies requirement as part of the new core curriculum.  This is to help increase students’ knowledge and awareness about the history, geography, religion, language, race, and ethnicity of a society and country, that is different from their own. It also aims to have students gain understanding of their own culture, in a comparative context, as it relates to other cultures and other ways of life around the world.  Currently, there are over 50 courses available for students to choose from.  Students can focus on a traditional course in History on World Civilizations or can take an International Studies course on Perspective on Global Issues.  They may be interested in studying World Music or learning more about Cultural Psychology. 

While Gonzaga University will always encourage students to participate in the study abroad experience, as we recognize it as one of the most transformative educational experiences a student can have, we know that not everybody can do it.  For those students who cannot there are other opportunities to engage in on-campus.

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