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By: Housing and Residence Life

Our residents are now settled in and we’re already planning for the 2018-2019 housing selection process. If it seems early, you’re right, however some of our students are already seeking housing in the private rental market for the next academic year. The urgency may be rooted in a misperception that housing is in short supply. Our research indicates that there is enough suitable and affordable housing within a reasonable commute to accommodate our students. During this time, some students will feel pressured by private landlords and their peers to make a quick decision, however, we urge patience and reflection. To provide an opportunity to thoughtfully consider on-campus versus private off-campus rentals, we’ll conduct our 2018-2019 housing selection process for current second and third year residents soon:

October: Theme house application and panel selection

November: On-campus application and online selection

Additional information regarding the process details and timeline will be sent to students and posted on our website.

As your student considers housing options for next year, we hope they will seriously consider on-campus living. We believe on-campus housing has many advantages over private rentals. For instance, the on-campus units are furnished, conveniently located, competitively priced, and include utilities. Further, we offer much more support than a private rental.

We know this time is stressful, so we’re available to answer questions and provide guidance to students, parents and other interested family members. We’ll even provide information for those solely focused on a private rental. Please feel free to contact us at housing@gonzaga.edu or 509-313-4103.

Note: If your student is in their first year of residency and required to reside on campus next year, there is no need to be concerned, yet. We guarantee on-campus living to these students (yet cannot guarantee apartment or suite-style accommodations). Their selection process will not begin until spring semester, so they may continue to focus on having a great first semester!



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