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By: The Center for Student Academic Success

As the midterm point in the semester is fast approaching, it is important that your student reflects on how they are coping with their coursework and if they are balancing their schedules successfully. We have reached a point in the semester where routines have formed, but anxieties about certain courses, assignments or upcoming exams have taken hold. This is a pivotal time in students’ lives and everything feels so big. Students may feel overwhelmed and under nourished, but we are here to help!

These days the term, “it takes a village” applies to many more walks of life than it did in the past. It takes a village to run a two-income household. It takes a village to react and recover from a crisis. It takes a village to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This term applies to everyday life and it applies to everyone.  Schedules are busier than ever! Competition for the next step is more intense and college students are constantly bombarded with information. Students have access to more information, on demand, and this can leave them in the middle of so much noise, feeling lethargic, instead of energized. As the newest member of “your village,” we want you to know that we take our role seriously and know how to empower students to be successful – even amidst the competing demands of college life. 

I invite you to explore “the village” that is our community at Gonzaga University and share that information with your student. We recognize the need for students to have resources available to them. Resources that will help them do more than just get by. We want students to succeed, to find their passion, and to go out into the world with the desire to make it better. We acknowledge and understand the stresses and anxieties that students may encounter on this path and we urge them to practice help seeking behaviors whenever possible. We want students to reach out when they are in need and respond when someone offers assistance. The village that is Gonzaga University values self-care, academic and personal support, self-awareness, resiliency and finding purpose – all while enjoying the journey.

On September 20, Gonzaga’s Center for Cura Personalis posted this on their Facebook page: “You are good. You are strong. You are worthy. Allow yourself time to turn off your high-speed life, close your eyes and simply rest.” We hope this post resonates with our students, as they need to be reminded of their strength during times when they are experiencing feelings of panic and self-doubt. They also need to be reminded to embrace these uncomfortable moments, learn from their failures and disappointments and take care of themselves. The village can help with all of that – students just need to ask.









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