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By: Career & Professional Development

Fall recruiting season is upon us and Career & Professional Development is providing great opportunities for your student to network with employers, interview for jobs and internships, and start working towards their post-graduation career plans. Now is a great opportunity for you to partner with Career & Professional Development in helping students navigate career fairs and on-campus recruiting. We encourage you to talk about the following points with your student to help them successfully interact with employers and cultivate career opportunities when they arrive at the career fair.

Prepare an Elevator Pitch – Have a 30 second elevator pitch ready when engaging with employers. Practice a firm handshake, warm smile, and consistent eye contact.

Polish Your Resume – Bring at least 20 copies of an updated resume for employers.

Define Your Reason for Attending – Be prepared to answer questions about career goals. Is the goal to find employment or an internship, gather information, practice networking skills, or all of the above?

Develop a List of Questions – Ask employers and organizations about training programs, internship opportunities, career paths, and available positions.

Research Employers & Organizations – Gather information to help ask focused and specific questions. Visit company websites, use Handshake, Google, and other resources to learn info like: Company Mission, Product/Service Info, Awards/Recognitions, Clientele, Major Projects, and Career Opportunities.

Approach a Lot of Employers – It may not be immediately apparent by the name of an organization what they do. Most organizations have HR, Marketing, Sales, and Accounting departments. Never assume they cannot use a person with your talent, experience, and educational background. Have an open mind.

Dress Appropriately – You will want to dress in business professional or nice business casual.

Give Yourself Enough Time – Come early and return between classes, if necessary.

Get the Layout of the Land – When you arrive, take a few minutes to review the map and/or brochure for the fair.

Relax and Smile! – You are prepared for this event; now enjoy yourself.

Take the Lead – Expect to take the lead in your conversations with employers. Be positive, enthusiastic, and self-confident.

Use Your Elevator Pitch – Introduce yourself using your “elevator pitch”, establish eye contact, and present a firm handshake. Remember to maintain eye contact throughout your conversation. Have your business card and resume ready to give the employer.

Be Prepared to Talk About Yourself – Discuss your skills interests, major, background, and career goals. Sell yourself – Be ready to articulate your benefits and advantages to an employer, and the key features that make you stand out from others who may be looking at the same career opportunities.

Be Courteous – Know when it’s time to move on. Demonstrate sensitivity to other students’ conversations. Offer polite closure when the conversation has ended: something like, “it has been very nice meeting you.”


3 upcoming events next week for students:

Speed Mock Interviews | October 9 |5:30-7:30pm | CPD Suite, Crosby First Floor 


All Majors Career & Internship Fair | October 10 | 10am-4pm | Hemmingson Ballrooms


Engineering & Computer Science Career & Internship Fair | October 11 | 10am-3:30pm | Hemmingson Ballrooms



Students can register for events at the links above and can reach out to Career & Professional Development at careers@gonzaga.edu , call 313-4234, or stop by our office on the first floor of Crosby with any questions.

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