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Many students work on campus in the early morning or later into the evening, meaning they may be walking from campus to their residence halls or cars when it is dusk or dark outside. With daylight saving time taking effect on Sunday, November 4, those working after hours, or when dark, are wise to take security precautions when working alone or in small numbers, particularly in isolated offices or areas of campus. Talk with your student and make sure they know the security resources available to them on campus. Our Campus Security team is always available to assist students with escorts, emergencies, or other safety concerns. Be sure to share with your students some of these common safety practices they can follow to alleviate some of the concern of working after hours. Student supervisors have received this information and will also share it with your student.

Lock entrance doors, when possible, and take a close look at visitors before allowing entry. 

Always be aware of your surroundings and use areas and walkways that are lit.

Travel in pairs/numbers. If you share a shift with a fellow coworker, walk together, if possible.

Do not prop open doors or windows.

Do not leave items unattended or in sight in your vehicle or within view of someone outside a window.

Although many supervisors prefer you not to use your phone during work hours, be sure to have it with you for emergency situations. Also, be sure to have your supervisor’s phone number available, should an emergency arise.

As a reminder, call 911 FIRST for medical, fire and police emergencies, then call Campus Security and Public Safety at x2222 or (509)313-2222.  For suspicious or unusual situations, call Security directly.

If students feel they are in need of an escort to their car or residence hall, they should not hesitate to contact Campus Security and Public Safety.

Saferide is also available (from off-campus locations): 509-568-8000.











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