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Hull Family – I am so blessed to call you my family. You guys are my people! Thank you for your constant love and support over the last 20 years. Without you I would not be able to call Gonzaga my second home.

Mom: Without you I wouldn’t have a sense of adventure. You have shown me the importance of getting out and doing something I love each and every day. You taught me how to love myself and to never take life too seriously. Thank you for always knowing what to say and reminding me to see every experience as a learning opportunity.

Dad: Without you I wouldn’t have my faith. Through faith, you have shown me how to love and care for everyone around me. I am forever grateful for the wisdom you share with me. I admire the way you always put others before yourself; like always eating the most burnt cookie or taking the butt of the bread, so no one else has to. Thank you for always believing in me, helping me achieve my goals, and reminding me how proud you are of me.

Sisters: Without you I wouldn’t know how to be a friend. People ask me who my best friends are and it’s the two of you that come to mind. You have both taught me to never judge a person, but always accept them as they are. Being the youngest, I have learned how to be patient and let my roommates do their hair and makeup first; so, they thank you, as well. You two are the best big sisters I could ask for. Thank you for always having my back and sticking up for me in every situation.

Grams: Without you I wouldn’t have a home away from home. You have shown me unconditional love over the years. You and Gramps taught me the importance of spending quality time with the people I love. Thank you for taking me in, feeding me home cooked meals, and exploring Spokane with me. Most of all, thanks for always having cookies and ice cream ready for my friends and I every time we come over. 





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