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The team at Zag Dining is committed to providing options for students of all tastes, including those who may have food allergies or special dietary needs. Vegetarian and vegan students will find options in the COG every day at Zagriculture, located on the first floor. With daily menu changes, there are often other options at any of the five other stations located in the COG. They can look for the VG and V identifiers at the stations, indicating they have a vegan or vegetarian option during that meal. 

Alternative milks are also available in the specialty foods cooler at the COG. These selections vary and evolve with student tastes, so if your student is not seeing what they are looking for, please have them talk to a Zag Dining manager, fill out a comment card, or let us know using the feedback feature on the Bite app.

For students with special dietary needs, their go-to station in the COG is Simple Servings, located next to World’s Fare on the second floor. This station serves items free from eight common allergens every single day (no milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, or fin fish). They can also find other items at other stations, depending on the menu each day, by using the Bite app and setting their personal menu controls.

Bite is available for free at the App Store or Google Play, and is continually updated to help students get the most out of their dining options at Gonzaga. By setting their menu controls, they can not only see which station in the COG is serving which items, they can choose to see only options that are mindful, vegan, or vegetarian. They can also set it to indicate any menu item that includes dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, wheat, soybean, fish, or mustard. If your student has special dietary needs, Bite helps them know exactly what is available, and what they should avoid, removing guesswork and providing some dining peace of mind.

Bite has features beyond menu controls, as well. Your student can check out upcoming special offers, plan their meals for the week, and even connect their FitBit for complete nutritional and fitness information. Your student can also use the Tell Us feature to provide feedback. Their input helps us serve them better! The Bite App can be found here.

For students not dining in the COG, there are always a variety of healthy and allergen-free options available at The Marketplace, The Bulldog, and Duff’s Bistro on campus. The menus and options change often, so if your student needs help finding something, don’t hesitate to have them ask a Zag Dining employee for assistance.

Zag Dining is committed to enhancing the health and wellness of all students on campus. If your student has a food allergy, intolerance, medical condition, or other dietary concern that is not addressed by the options listed here, we can connect your student with a registered dietitian who can help us safely address their needs. Please feel free to contact our Campus Executive Chef, Thomas Morisette (Thomas.Morisette@sodexo.com) or Resident Dining Director, Lance Mailem (Lance.Mailem@sodexo.com), or any member of our Zag Dining management team for more information and access to a Sodexo registered dietitian.

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