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DICE – Diversity, Inclusion, Community & Equity

We envision a community where human difference is affirmed and integrated into the intellectual, personal, and professional development of all students.

As we look forward to a new semester, we’re excited about the programs scheduled for spring. Some programming highlights include the eighth annual Diversity Monologues. This program features students sharing their story through performance with this year’s theme being based on “Radical Hope.” Another program highlight this semester will be a presentation by Dr. John Paul Higgins on “Speaking Truth to Power in a Culture of Fear.” Dr. Higgins presentation will help us understand how to navigate difficult conversations in difficult spaces.

Both of our centers–UMEC (Unity Multicultural Education Center) and the LGBTQ+ Resource Center have many programs scheduled throughout the semester. These are posted on our websites; please see the links below for a full list of spring programs. Many of the cultural clubs will be hosting dinners during Spring semester celebrating culture through food, dance, spoken performance and much more.



There are many opportunities for students to be engaged in the community with enriching, interesting and educational programs throughout the spring.

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