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Congratulations on the completion of your student’s Fall semester. No matter how far away you may be from our campus, we know that you go through each semester with your student as if you were sitting next to them. You follow the Academic Calendar and the weather reports. You know when they are stressed and when they are feeling good about their last exam. You know when they need to reach out to their community for help and you know when they are unsure of where to turn for help. Allow us to point you in the direction of a few campus resources.

Are your student’s grades not what they were expecting? Freshman can struggle with the transition from high school level expectations to college level. Returning students can find themselves in courses that they are struggling in more than others. Maybe the strategies they used in the past aren’t getting the results they want. Suggest they try something new! The following are some ideas you can share with them before they return to campus for Spring semester:

  • Talk to the professors. No one is more invested in a student’s success than the professors. They hold office hours because they want to help their students learn and do well! Encourage your student to see their professors often to go over course material, get clarification on a concept or assignment, gain a better understanding of course material, or to go over recent exams and quizzes to learn from mistakes. This is an invaluable resource, and it helps your student learn self-advocacy skills, which are important to success in all facets of life.


  • Seek on-campus resources for study strategies and tutoring. Some departments host weekly group tutoring sessions for students, while others have tutoring resources (like the Mathematics Lab and Writing Center). Tutoring and academic mentoring is also available to students in The Learning Studio, within the Center for Student Academic Success. To learn more about the resources available, visit them online at edu/learningstrategies or in person at Foley Center Library, Suite 203.


  • Not the right fit? Undecided on a major? Explore your options!Students change their minds many times while in college, and for some, this means a shift in their academic course of study.  Others have a hard time choosing a major from the beginning. This is normal! A great way to learn about potential majors that may be of interest, or whether the new field of study selected will meet the graduation timeline, is through advising conversations with the professional advisors in Academic Advising and Assistance. Have your student contact us today to schedule an advising appointment.


  • Feeling like they don’t fit in? Encourage them to explore the numerous clubs and organizations that are available on campus throughout the school year. There are lots of opportunities to engage in the GU community and meet new people along the way!


  • Registration issues? For some, registering for Spring semester was a huge success, but others may have experienced difficulty getting into the classes they wanted. Help your student understand the difference between a course need and a course want. For new students, there are plenty of course options available to meet degree requirements. Encourage your student to consider all options available for registration. If they need assistance exploring these options, send them our way.  We are available via email, advise@gonzaga.edu, by phone (509) 313-4072, or in person at Foley Library 122. We are here over the break and happy to assist your student assemble a full-time schedule that puts them on track to a degree. If they have an advisor within their major, encourage them to make an appointment with that advisor to discuss any issues.

We hope your student is eager to get back to campus. We are looking forward to their return for the Spring semester. We wish you all health and happiness in the New Year!

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