April 2017

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If you need to know your advisor’s name, there is an easy way to find it on Zagweb. Just sign on to Zagweb, click on Student and Financial Aid > Student Records > and View My Advisor.

What can you do when your degree evaluation shows all the classes you have taken, but does not show the classes “counting” for the correct degree requirements? (For example, you have taken a broadening class, but it is listed as an elective instead of a broadening credit.)

This is a common problem with broadening and experiential courses. Sometimes Zagweb does not recognize the designation and does not assign it appropriately. To fix the problem, fill out a substitution form. You will need the signature of your advisor and the Associate Dean (who signs on behalf of the Dean in these cases).

Here is an example of how to fill out the form:

In place of Gonzaga’s required broadening requirement for business majors substitute MGMT 400 from Gonzaga because course fulfills broadening requirement for a finance concentration.

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