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Frequently asked questions about registering for Fall 2017 courses include:

1. How do I declare my major/concentration or change my major/concentration?

2. I need an experiential course. Which Fall 2017 classes will fulfill that requirement?

3. How do I know which classes I need?

4. I ran my degree evaluation (from No. 3), but I have many classes that are not showing up in the right place. How do I get that fixed?

5. How do I change advisors?
6. What are the internship options?

7. I want to study abroad. How can I get courses at another university approved to count for my Gonzaga courses?

8. I am a senior and plan to take business ethics. How do BUSN 480 and BUSN 485 work?

9. Can I take any section of BUSN 480 and 485 that I want? What are “designated sections?”

Please visit your advisor to be cleared to register, review your mid-term grades, and talk about your future.

Do you need to take an experiential course to complete your degree requirement? Experiential courses are those that give you hands-on experience with the curriculum. Here is a list of Fall 2017 courses that will count toward your experiential requirement (if you have one):
1. Internships. For details on how to get an internship and get credit for it, click here.
2. BUSN 470 Multidisciplinary Action Projects: This course is team-taught by Dean Ken Anderson and two others. Students work in small teams to tackle projects for actual clients. The class has several projects each semester.
3. BUSN 494 Small Business Consulting: This course focuses on one organization and provides management assistance in marketing, management, finance, accounting, information systems operations and related case problems. Zagweb registration not available. For information on how to register, contact Dr. Elloy at
4. ACCT 471 Forensic Accounting Lab: This course is also called the “Justice for Fraud Victims Project.” It is a joint program with members of the community (law enforcement, prosecutors, and local certified fraud examiners) to investigate real cases of suspected fraud that are referred by local law enforcement. Enrollment is by application only. For information, contact Dr. Weber at
5. BFIN 429 A, B, C: This class on portfolio management runs across three semesters (one credit per semester) and typically begins in the spring of a students’ junior year.  year. Registration by instructor permission. Contact Dr. Barnes at
How do you know if you need an experiential class?
  • If you have one concentration, you need to take 1. an experiential or international class and 2. a broadening class
  • If you have two or more concentrations, you need to take 1. an experiential or international class but you do not need 2. a broadening class (because your second concentration provides that).
  • If you have an accounting major and no concentration, you do not need to take a broadening, experiential, or international course beyond what is required in the accounting curriculum.
  • If you have an accounting major and one or more concentrations, you need to take 1. an experiential or international class but you do not need 2. a broadening class (because your accounting major provides that).
  • If you have a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (and no other concentrations), you need to take 1. an international class and 2. a broadening class.
  • If you have an International Business concentration, you need to take either a Broadening, Experiential or 200-level of higher language course.

In the Fall 2017, two sections of BUSN 480/485 will be designated for marketing and accounting students. Students are encouraged to sign up for the sections with their designations. Other students should sign up for any of the open sections.

BUSN 480 BUSN 485 Designation Section
10896 10906 All majors and concentrations Section 1: 1:50 p.m.-3:05 p.m. TR
11002 11218 All majors and concentrations Section 2: 9 a.m.-9:50 a.m. MWF
11001 11003 Marketing concentrations only Section 3: 10 a.m.-10:50 a.m. MWF
11000 11004 Accounting majors only Section 4: 11 a.m.-11:50 a.m. MWF
12496 12503 All majors and concentrations Section 5: 1:50 p.m.-3:05 p.m. TR

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