March 2021

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Please visit your advisor to be cleared to register, review your mid-term grades, and talk about your future. Tips from the Registrar are available here.

Frequently asked questions about registering for Fall 2021 courses include:

I want to get “signed in” to a closed section of a course. What should I do?
Answer: Download a Course Authorization form from this page and follow the instructions on the page for having it approved. (Hint: You can do this before your register and be pre-approved for when you do register.)

How do I declare my major/concentration or change my major/concentration?
Answer: Download a Declaration of Major from this page and follow the instructions on the page for having it approved.

I need a course that meets the experiential requirement for my business concentration. Which Fall 2021 classes will fulfill that requirement?

  1. ACCT 471 Forensic Accounting Lab
  2. BUSN 470 Multidisciplinary Act Projects
  3. BUSN 491 Startup Accelerator
  4. BUSN 494 Small Business Consulting
  5. Internships (See requirements.)

More courses may be added to this list, please check back.

I need a course with the core designation Global Studies, Writing Enriched, and/or Social Justice. How do I find out which courses have those attributes?

Answer: Instructions on finding attributes are available here. In the SBA, the following Fall courses will have those attributes:

  • Global Studies: MKTG 417 International Marketing; BFIN 327 International Finance; OPER 440 Global Supply Chain Management
  • Writing Enriched: MGMT 350 Principles of Management, MGMT 400 Recruitment and Selection, and MKTG 315 Consumer Behavior
  • Social Justice: BUSN 480 Senior Seminar Business Ethics

How do I know which classes I need to take?

Answer: Run a degree evaluation. Instructions for how to do so are available here.

How do I change advisors?

Answer: Download a Change of Advisor from this page and follow the instructions on the page for having it approved.

Can I count my internship for academic credit?

Answer: Juniors and Seniors can get up to three credits for internships but must meet the criteria. More information on how to register for an internship is available here.

I am a senior and plan to take business ethics. I thought I had to take BUSN 480 and BUSN 485, but I only see BUSN 480.

Answer: BUSN 480 (2 credits) and BUSN 485 (1 credit) have been combined into BUSN 480 (3 credits).

Can I take any section of BUSN 480 that I want or are sections restricted by concentrations?

Answer: BUSN 480 sections are no longer restricted by concentration. All sections are available to all concentrations.

I think I want to do an individualized concentration. How does that work?

Students may design an interdisciplinary concentration of courses related to their individual goals and interests. Use this link to learn more.

When is my registration window?

Answer: You can find this information under the Registration tab on ZAGWEB:
1. Log into ZAGWEB
2. Select “Student”
3. Select “Student Profile”
4. Ensure the term you are registering for is selected in the upper left corner
5. Select “Registration Notices” in the upper right corner
6. You will see your time ticket indicated at the bottom of the “Registration Notices” section

I plan to take classes at another university this summer. How can I make sure those classes will transfer back to Gonzaga?

Answer: Instructions are available here.

The Columbia Bank Business Equity Scholarship is looking for applicants. This scholarship is being given by the NAACP, Columbia Bank and the Urban Leagues of Portland, Seattle and Tacoma. The application is for residents of Spokane, Portland, Seattle or Tacoma and the deadline to submit is April 10. See attachments for more details.

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